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    Mental Health for Managers

    November 9 & 16 @ 1.30pm – 4.30pm

    A two part course to support your own and team members mental health and wellbeing.

    These sessions will enable participants to help support team members manage their stress and use strategies for improving Mental Health and Wellbeing in the workplace. This training will take place over Friday mornings and you must attend and sign up for both on Eventbrite.

    The content of the workshop includes:

    • Concept of mental health and mental well being
    • The main kinds of stress and its long term impact
    • Supporting team members to deal with fears, habits and beliefs
    • Mental Health Continuum
    • Coping strategies including Mindfulness, awareness of “Circle of Control”
    • Having conversation about Mental Health issues with team members
    • Legal framework and use of benchmarking tools
    • Assessing risks
    • Signposting sources of help with Mental Health issues
    • Action planning to reduce risk

    Learning Outcomes

    • Explain concept of mental health and mental well being
    • Recognise the signs of stress and its impact on mental well being
    • Identify mechanisms to help support team members deal with current challenges and work through what is and is not within their control
    • Identify a number of coping strategies for team members to manage their own stress level, including mindfulness
    • Participate in a couple of practical mindful activities
    • Describe responsibilities under law for supporting mental health
    • Assessing risks and benchmarking for compliance with legal frameworks
    • Enabling team members to seek appropriate sources of help through sign-posting and supportive discussions
    • Develop an Action Plan to improve your personal coping resources to manage personal stress and build resilience

    You must sign up for both Friday sessions. The 2 x 3 hour sessions run from 1.30 – 4.30pm, with a comfort break built in to the timings. This on-line workshop is supported by some pre and post workshop activities.