Statement from Police Scotland and Midlothian Council about sharing on social media

Our partners at Police Scotland and Midlothian Council have asked us to endorse this statement about sharing of personal data on social media and other digital or online platforms. Please folks – be careful about what you post on social media, particularly if it relates to vulnerable people who need services and support. Would you want your name, phone number, address and the fact that you’re vulnerable or live alone shared publicly for all to see? We’re pretty sure the answer to that question is no, so please do follow this important advice and ask others to do the same. 

ATTENTION: Are you part of a social media group on Facebook?

Do you know everyone on your social media group?

There have been instances of people sharing personal details and circumstances on social media and we would take this opportunity to remind you to be cautious about what information you are sharing about yourself and making public through social media.

Your personal information could be used for the purposes of criminality including fraud and theft.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are sharing information on behalf of other people, remember to be equally careful with their details, particularly as you may be identifying them as a vulnerable person.

Details which you should be careful about sharing are:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • That you are in possession of money

People who you should ask for assistance in the first instance should be:

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Neighbours

If this is not possible Midlothian Council are working with a number of organisations including
support volunteer groups which can assist in providing you access to food, medicine and support.
Support provided by:

  • Midlothian Contact Centre – 0131 270 7500
  • Red Cross Shopping Assistance – 0131 654 0340
  • Midlothian Council Communities and Lifelong Learning service –

The Communities and Lifelong Learning service will coordinate a response either from them or the local community resilience group in relation to prescription collection and delivery, food, money and pets. This email box is actively checked and requests allocated Mon to Friday 8.00am – 6.00pm

Volunteer Midlothian – (If you or someone you know wants to help volunteer with essential
services we would direct you to Volunteer Midlothian) via email to