Volunteering is about people giving their time and skills without payment, for the benefit of others, the local community and – very importantly – themselves! Volunteers can learn new skills, build confidence, make new friends or feel good being part of something they believe in.

Volunteering projects are usually run by community groups, charities or statutory organisations (such as the local council), although private companies do also sometimes offer their staff the opportunity to take part in employee volunteering schemes. 

A varied landscape

In Scotland, around one third of the population is involved in volunteering at any given time. This figure includes voluntary activity that occurs informally, sometimes taking the form of mutual aid between neighbours and grassroots community organisations. On the opposite end of the spectrum, more formalised volunteering can be found. This is when people are appointed into roles with a specific remit, such as becoming a member of the Children’s Panel or a charity trustee.

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“The worker from Volunteer Midlothian was very helpful. She spoke to me about my skills and helped me to identify something suitable that I wouldn’t have considered otherwise.” 

Jenny from Penicuik

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The best way to identify a potential volunteering placement is to look through our database or visit our weekly drop-in. The database contains details of all the registered opportunities currently available in Midlothian. You can set the search criteria to widen your search into south Edinburgh and beyond if necessary. Alternatively, you can look on our volunteering ‘hotlist‘ to find out about new opportunities in Midlothian from our member organisations, that are particularly keen to have filled.

If you’ve a specific enquiry or are looking for an opportunity that doesn’t seem to be listed, get in touch with us by emailing info@volunteermidlothian.org.uk