About Volunteer Midlothian

Our main purpose at Volunteer Midlothian is to encourage more people to volunteer. We also help to ensure that organisations in Midlothian have access to the best possible expertise and guidance around volunteering.

We support the development of all kinds of volunteering across Midlothian. We also run our own grant funded projects, where we recruit and support local people to get involved in activities such as befriending, IT, youth work and gardening. 

About us

  • We help to connect local volunteers with local opportunities. We do this through our database of opportunities, and by supporting people to make contact with local projects and initiatives that are looking for volunteers.
  • We also support local organisations to do the best they can when working with volunteers, by providing info and advice about good practice in volunteering.
  • Most of the volunteering opportunities we promote do not ‘belong’ to us – we advertise them on behalf of charities, community groups, and other volunteer involving organisations.
  • We understand the ‘bigger picture’ of volunteering in Scotland and represent Midlothian’s third sector at national networks and events about volunteering.
  • We are a community planning partner, meaning we work closely with other local organisations to help improve opportunities and life chances for people in Midlothian.