Community Planning

Midlothian TSI is a community planning partner. This means that we work closely with other local organisations to improve opportunities and life chances for people in Midlothian. 

What is community planning?

Community planning is about how public bodies and communities work together to create better public services. It is also about meeting the needs of local people, especially those who require services the most. 

A Community Planning Partnership (or CPP) is the name given to those services that come together to take part in community planning. There are 32 CPPs across Scotland, one for each council area, including Midlothian. Community planning partners look at how use of the available resources can add the greatest value to local communities, with particular emphasis on reducing inequality.

Community participation

Community participation, more often than not through the involvement of the third sector, lies at the heart of community planning. In accordance with the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015, local authorities have a legal duty to secure the participation of communities throughout the development, design and delivery of local services as part of the community planning process. 

This information was adapted from the Scottish government’s website,

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