About MTSI

Third Sector Interfaces (TSIs) provide the third sector with a single point of access for support and advice. There is a TSI in every local authority area in Scotland. TSI’s receive core funding from the Scottish Government, but are also reliant upon income from a range of other public bodies and funders.

Midlothian Third Sector Interface is made up of two organisations: Midlothian Voluntary Action (also known as MVA) and Volunteer Midlothian. Both are registered charities. A third branch, Social Enterprise Alliance Midlothian (also known as SEAM), is part of Midlothian Voluntary Action.

Midlothian Voluntary Action

Support for third sector organisations and community groups.

Volunteer Midlothian

Support for volunteers and volunteer involving organisations.

Social Enterprise Alliance Midlothian

Support for social enterprises.

On this website you will find three main pages, one for each main branch of the TSI, plus general information on the MTSI home page.