About MTSI

Our Outcomes

The work of third sector organisations is often structured around outcomes that are agreed in advance with funders. An outcome describes what has changed as a result of action taken. Monitoring and evaluating how well outcomes are achieved is an important way for organisations to demonstrate that what they do has a positive impact. 

TSI’s in Scotland work to the same broad set of outcomes, although each local framework is tailored to meet specific needs and circumstances. Midlothian TSI is funded by the Scottish Government to achieve the following outcomes: 

  • Organisations and volunteers have better access to information.
  • Stakeholders are better informed about the successes and challenges of the third sector. 
  • The third sector has a stronger voice in community planning.
  • People have improved skills, resources and knowledge to achieve change.
  • Partnerships across the sector are strengthened.
  • The TSI is better able to respond to a challenging and changing environment. 

If you’re interested in the work of TSI’s or want to know more about what we do, please do get in touch. You can also find information about the national Third Sector Network here.

Take a look at our 2023 Outcomes Framework here: