• Category: Dedicated Service to Volunteering Award

    Pat Young (Macmillan Cancer Support)

    Nominated by: Macmillan Cancer Support

    This certificate is given in recognition of your life-long devotion to volunteering and your enthusiasm. You exemplify everything we could want in a volunteer; you are passionate about the cause, willing to help out however you can, and inspire those around you. Thank you.

    Louise D’Arcy Greig (Army Cadet Force)

    Nominated by: Mayfield Community Council

    We particularly admire you helping young people of Midlothian by providing them with the skills of discipline, focus and leadership which will enable them to overcome many obstacles in life. 

    Food Facts Friends

    Nominated by Food Facts Friends

    We particularly value the commitment of Food Facts Friends volunteers towards serving those in need.

    Anna Maxwell

    Nominated by: Home Link Family Support

    Anna is one the youngest Volunteers at Home Link Family support.  She began her training with us in May 2021, and was placed with her first family just 6 months later, to focus her support on the emotional wellbeing of a mother who cares for her two children with additional needs, whilst having her own health challenges. Anna has been supporting this mother on a weekly basis by phone or face-to-face meetings ever since.  These occasions provide an opportunity for this mother to share her thoughts and feelings, about the various challenges and experiences she has had during the previous seven days.  She has supported this Mum impeccably, and listened and responded to Mum’s concerns, health issues, returning to work worries, and anything else that Mum has wanted to discuss with her.  Anna has responded to her emotional needs and encouraged her to keep going when things are tough.

    Yvonne Carruthers

    Nominated by: Meal Makers (Food Train Scotland)

    Yvonne Carruthers is a Meal Makers volunteer cook. Her role is to cook an extra portion of her home-made meal and share that with her diner, an older person in her local community. This means access to better nutrition and helps to prevent malnutrition for the recipient. In doing so, Yvonne also provides companionship, friendship, and a means to assess the need for any additional support. Yvonne and her dog Lily have been paired with Moira since September 2017, originally cooking for Moira’s husband Bill as well, until his death, sadly, in 2019. During the pandemic Yvonne also supported a second diner for four months, as well as making check-in calls to 15 diners to help prevent loneliness and isolation. The general expected time spent with a diner is 30 minutes, but Yvonne often spends a lot more than this, giving Moira her undivided attention.

    Midlothian Community Hospital Garden Volunteer Team

    Nominated by: Cyrenians

    Midlothian Hospital Garden Volunteer Team has been active for the past 10 years and has helped to create a beautiful space for people, wildlife and the environment whilst actively tackling climate change in the process. The team is a mix of people with different backgrounds which has developed into positive relationships based around nurturing others, patience, and self-belief. Over the years the team has evolved to a steady 25-30 active volunteers at any given time, with over 200 people playing their part since the project began. Within the team, it is lovely to see relationships grow naturally, just like our plants and vegetables in the hospital garden.

    John McVeigh

    Nominated by: Health-in-Mind Midlothian Team

    John has been a volunteer for Health-in-Mind for over 15 years. This has included being a walk leader and working as a cook in the café when Health-in-Mind was at the Orchard Centre in Bonnyrigg. John’s soups are the stuff of legend!  Over the years he has shown great resilience, particularly during Health-in-Mind Midlothian’s move from the Orchard Centre and during the Covid pandemic. John is very reliable, works well with others and is also easy to get along with. He shows care for the people in the walking groups and has provided first aid and equipment advice for those attending. He has a good knowledge of the natural environment and is able to pass this on to others, enabling them to appreciate nature and enjoy the benefits of being in the great outdoors.

    Neil Watson

    Nominated by: Mayfield/Lawfield/Tynewater ASC

    Neil Watson has been volunteering for around 9 years as a play worker with Mayfield, Lawfield and Tynewater After School Club. Neil has an amazing rapport with the children, who all adore him, and is a great support to the staff and club. He has dedicated hundreds of hours of his own time to help out each week, assisting during the holidays and attending holiday club trips. Neil has been very generous with his time and other resources to help keep the organisation running smoothly. He is a valued member of the team at the club and the children are always pleased to see him on a Friday afternoon.

    Colette Pye

    Nominated by: Mayfield and District Breastfeeding Support Group

    Colette has been volunteering for the last 28 years as a breastfeeding peer supporter in Midlothian. She came to Mayfield and District Breastfeeding Support Group as a participant with her own three children and has been supporting the group (and mums and babies across Midlothian) ever since. She is kind to all the families she meets and goes out of her way to offer them her time and attention. She is a gentle but strong individual that always thinks of others and puts them first. She is also well known in her community for her kindness, understanding and regular good deeds.

    Penicuik Community Development Trust

    Nominated by: Midlothian Council Communities and Lifelong Learning

    Since its formation, the Penicuik Community Development Trust’s volunteers have been involved in a wide range of activities that have supported social, cultural, heritage and more recently resilience activities in the local community. They have developed a diverse range of initiatives, raised funding and provided education, entertainment and training opportunities for the town’s residents. They continue to develop new initiatives, working closely in partnership with a diverse range of other local organisations, and would be a worthy winner of this year’s ‘Dedicated Service’ volunteering award.