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    Saltire criteria update

    You may recall that at the start of the pandemic Saltire allowed young people to claim informal volunteering hours until August 2021. This arrangement still applies until the end of March 2021. Up to 100 hours of informal volunteering can be accredited.

    If you know a young person who has been doing any informal volunteering (e.g. walking a neighbour’s dog whilst they are shielding, or food shopping for an elderly person) please encourage them to add these hours to their Saltire account or go to the Saltire Awards website to register and claim the hours for certification.

    Saltire Awards are great to have on a CV when looking for employment and are also an excellent way for young people to demonstrate their contribution and help others!

    Saltire Awards update for 2020

    The Saltire Awards scheme is one of our favourite ways to celebrate and reward the contribution and achievements of young volunteers in Scotland aged between 12 and 25. Young people can gain nationally recognised certificates, signed by Scottish Government Ministers, for the volunteering that they do. Joining the scheme also helps young people gain new skills and experience that will look great on a CV, whilst making friends and new connections. 

    Over the past few months the scheme has undergone some changes and a new website has been launched. Young people will now be asked to sign up and independently log the volunteering hours they’ve completed. As part of this new system they will be able to see a record of the number of hours they’ve completed on different projects, and the certificates they’ve gained. This will enable them to be more in control of how their volunteering hours are logged and certified. 

    Even though we’re in the midst of coronavirus, we know that some young people may still be volunteering. Also, a more diverse range of opportunities will likely emerge in the coming months, now that people and organisations have had some time to think through how volunteering can continue during the pandemic, albeit in a slightly different form (more often than not via digital or online roles). 

    For more information, or to sign up, visit the Saltire website.