Artists supported through youth arts programme

Made in Midlothian, in partnership with Midlothian Voluntary Action, has selected seven freelance artists to deliver creative projects with young people across local communities.

Funded by Creative Scotland’s Youth Arts Small Grants Scheme, the successful applicants are:

  • Adie Baako, West African Dancer of Akrowa UK
  • Ailis Paterson, Drama Facilitator
  • Annie Lord, Artist and Performer
  • Hannah Edi, Actor and Teacher
  • Laura Baigrie, Play Services Manager and Arts Practitioner
  • Lea Taylor, Professional Storyteller and Author
  • Mary Turner Thomson, Author.

Each artist will shape their projects with young people taking the lead on what’s created. The programme will culminate in a showcase in March 2022 where young people will have a chance to display or perform their art. In addition to this, they will have an opportunity to list their art on Made in Midlothian’s online marketplace. 

To learn more about their projects visit