About MVA

Since 1974, Midlothian Voluntary Action has been supporting people in Midlothian to develop their ideas, identify new opportunities and bring about creative solutions to local problems.

We do this in a number of different ways, but most importantly, we do it hand in hand with those that know best – the people who live and work in Midlothian.

Got an idea?

Perhaps you’ve been mulling over an idea for a while and have finally decided to do something about it. Or maybe an issue in your community has been on your mind and you want to take action to make it better. Whether you’re an individual looking to talk these things through, or an organisation needing a sounding board around how to be more sustainable in the long term, we are here to help. Among other things we offer:

  • One to one consultations to talk ideas through.
  • Advice about who else to connect with to take things forward.
  • Help to identify a suitable legal structure and governance framework.
  • Information about how to source funding.
  • Regular training and development opportunities.