Community Benefits

What Are Community Benefits?

Community Benefits are special contract conditions additional to the main purpose of a public contract. Suppliers or developers must make contributions to improve the economic, social, or environmental wellbeing of the local area.

How do Community Benefits deliver for Midlothian?

Community Benefits are available for charities, social enterprises and other community groups.

The Community Benefits process aims to match local communities and good causes with businesses and procurement staff as part of the Wellbeing Economy in Midlothian.

Community organisations are encouraged to think about what they would put on their wishlist to support their work to positively impact local people.

Examples of Community Benefits

  • Work placements and apprenticeships for local people.
  • Volunteering opportunities for staff.
  • Professional advice from architects, engineers, HR, or IT staff etc.
  • Material and labour to assist with building community facilities.
  • Help with environmental projects.

Case Study

Several organisations in Danderhall received Community Benefits, via the Midlothian Council portal, from the FES group. FES are involved in the Shawfair Energy Centre development. Newton Parish Church received a donation of £1000 towards improvements to the hall and 2 sets of children’s gardening equipment. The Millerhill Residents Group were given £1000 to support a wildlife habitat and a gate for the village green. They also gained 10 RSPB Bat Boxes. FES are donating a new banner for Danderhall Gala Day too.

Next Steps

  • Set up a meeting with us to generate ideas for what your organisation needs.
  • We’ll review requests for eligibility.
  • We can help you to upload your needs to the online portals.
  • Once the request has been accepted, the various portals will try and match your request with a contractor (this is not guaranteed).
  • If requests are not eligible for Community Benefits, we can explore other options.

Community Benefits Training

We offer training on Community Benefits to go over how you can apply and to answers any questions you may have. Contact us to find out more.

Community Benefits Portals

NHS Lothian

The Community Benefits Gateway is an online platform, enabling NHS Scotland’s procurement services and suppliers to further improve lives, and support healthier communities. We work with willing NHS Scotland suppliers to match with Scottish Third Sector organisations who are looking for assistance and support.

City Region Deal – the online community benefits portal matching communities and good causes with suppliers and business in the ESES City Region Deal area.

Midlothian Council

Send your requests to us at Midlothian Voluntary Action to be shared with the Capital Development staff at Midlothian Council who will negotiate with developers to fulfil the asks.


What are the timescales involved in getting projects matched?

This varies significantly depending on the size and complexity of your project, what other organisations have requested and the preferences of the Contractor.

Can I see what other organisations in Midlothian have asked for?

Yes, you can view other requests on the appropriate portals.