Non-Grant Funding Sources

As well as Community Benefits, there are lots of non-grant funding sources available for charities.

Gift Aid

Gift Aid is the Government Scheme whereby charities can claim an extra 25p for every £1 gifted to them by eligible donors. The scheme allows donors to increase the power of their donations. You are not allowed to claim GA on every donation to your charity, but it will generally be worthwhile to register for GA and carry out the necessary work needed to claim any additional funding your charity is due.

See the UK Gov website for more on claiming Gift Aid as a charity or CASC.

Charity Digital Exchange

Charity Digital Exchange provides charities with access to free and discounted software and hardware offers, digital skills training and courses. It’s free to register.

The website is a great source of information and can tailor advice to your requirements. There is free software for marketing materials, collaboration, free domain names, managing donations and claiming gift aid, accounting, image libraries, image editing, infographics, and many more.

Recycled and refurbished hardware, removal of old tech, as well as webinars, articles, podcasts, drop-in Q&As, videos and events are also available.

  1. Get to know your digital needs.
  2. Browse the catalogue.
  3. Register for the CDE.
  4. Claim your product or offer.

Utility Aid

Utility Aid is the UK’s largest energy broker for the not-for-profit sector working with over 2,000 organisations. Visit their website to find out more. There is a link to click for a call back to discuss your needs.

HMRC Exemptions

Avoid VAT on certain things like advertising, disability aids, construction, talking books, drugs and chemicals, rescue equipment, medicinal products, resuscitation models, medical and science equipment. There are also exemptions for fuel and power, and charitable organisations can import certain goods into the UK free of duty and tax. Certain items are VAT reduced or zero rated, or are exempt VAT, which includes fundraising events, or outside the scope of VAT, such as donations. These are all underclaimed.

Free applications

There are lots of free applications and software available for charities e.g. Canva &, a workflow platform.

Easyfundraising is a source of unrestricted funds which is simple to set up and allows all your supporters to boost your funds at no cost to themselves. You can watch a recording of our past easyfundraising training session here.

Local Giving is a fee-free donation platform. A hassle-free way to collect Gift Aid, help with starting fundraisers, reporting, and thanking donors. It supports 1000s of grassroots organisations with access to grants and matched donation opportunities.


Mailchimp offers a 15% discount to non-profit organisations (email marketing and automations, websites, social media).

Charities Aid Foundation

Charities Aid Foundation aim to provide social enterprises with the affordable, repayable finance they need to sustain and grow their social impact.

In Kind Direct

In Kind Direct are a UK charity focused on distributing consumer products, donated by companies, to charitable organisations to ensure that everyone has access to the products they need to keep clean, safe and well.