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Transform: Supported Volunteering for Young People (14-25)

Have you ever wanted to volunteer but thought you couldn’t? Sometimes it can be hard to get started. Maybe you lack confidence or feel you need some extra help. We understand this and want to support you, because we believe that all young people should be able to give volunteering a go. 

Transform Gardening 

At the Transform gardening project we offer training, advice and support every step of the way. You will get a taste of just how much goes into a community garden – and we mean that literally! There will be the opportunity to eat what you grow, meet new people, develop new skills and, what’s more, our cheery garden coordinator will be on hand at every session. To find out more about this supported volunteering opportunity contact Carey

Being outdoors in the fresh air doing an activity like gardening can reduce anxiety and improve mental and physical wellbeing

Other stuff at Transform

If you’re not into gardening, don’t worry! We may be able to help you find other volunteering opportunities. At the very least we can show you how to look through our database of opportunities to see what else might be of interest in Midlothian or further afield. Unfortunately, opportunities for young people have been restricted by the COVID-19 pandemic, but if you have an idea for volunteering that you’d like to chat about, we may be able to help. 

Digital volunteering is an area we’re really interested in at the moment and we’re also looking for young people to get us up-to-speed with doing stuff on social media, particularly our new Instagram account. Could that be you?

Get in touch for a chat if you’ve got any questions or ideas you’d like to discuss.