Saltire Awards Information for Organisations

The Saltire Awards provide formal recognition to volunteers aged 12-25, with certificates being achieved on completion of 10, 25, 50, 100, 200 and 500 hours of volunteering. Saltire Challenges also form part of the scheme. These are one-off volunteering events designed to introduce young people to volunteering. Challenges can be organised by anyone, including young people or host organisations. Volunteer Midlothian can assist people in starting a Challenge and we can also help to organise certification for the young people involved.

For organisations, Saltire Awards provide:

  • Recognition of the contribution that young volunteers make.
  • Thanks to young volunteers for their help, commitment and dedication.
  • Evidence of good practice, placing a high value on volunteers. 

For young people, Saltire Awards can: 

  • Enhance their CV and job prospects.
  • Recognise their achievements.
  • Help to build a positive future.

The pinnacle of the Saltire scheme is the Summit Award, which recognises outstanding contributions to volunteering. Recipients must not only have completed the Ascent but have also exceeded expectations. Organisations nominate exceptional young volunteers and the candidates are judged by a panel of Saltire Ambassadors who can award no more than 12 Summits per year. The Summit provides well deserved recognition to young volunteers who have given extraordinary service to the community.

To nominate a young volunteer for a Summit Award please complete and submit a Summit Nomination Form. 

Who can take part?

Any young person between the ages of 12-25 years who lives in Scotland can register on the Saltire Awards website. The young person logs their own hours, which are then signed off by the volunteer manager. 

How to register

The Satire Awards scheme and website changed in 2020 to enable young people to record their volunteering hours more independently. The new website and login system makes it easier for them to monitor the number of hours they have completed. Some people may need help from the organisation they volunteer with, or a support worker, to register and use the site. If this is an issue please get in touch with us to discuss what extra help may be available.  

Find out more

There is more information available on the Saltire Awards website for volunteers and organisations. For info about Saltire in Midlothian please email us directly. We will be happy to meet, either digitally or in person, with staff and young people to introduce them to the scheme.