Volunteer Managers Forum

The Volunteer Managers Forum is open to our member organisations. It is an informal group which allows volunteer managers and coordinators (paid or unpaid) to come together to share their knowledge and experience. Feedback from the group is used to inform community planning and group members collaborate on joint projects such as the ‘Big Thank You’ event for local volunteers. Each meeting has a discussion topic and/or a guest speaker.

Examples of recent meeting topics include:

  • Employer supported volunteering
  • Quality standards in volunteering
  • Volunteering in health and social care
  • NHS Lothian: volunteering and COVID-19
  • Volunteering and young people: MEAP project

Meetings are normally held on a quarterly basis, but two additional interim sessions took place over the summer of 2020 to enable forum members to connect and discuss how best to respond to the unique challenges presented by COVID-19.

For more information about Volunteer Midlothian membership or the forum contact Miriam.